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Auto Rent Marbella

We are a new company car and motorcycles although we have more than 15 years of experience in our city . We are in the garage of the street Azorín , 2 and also have a zone of ecological washing vehicles

Important Information

Answers to your questions

A collection of the vehicle the driver must provide your reservation, driving license and identity card or passport
VAT, taxes and local taxes.

Damage insurance franchise, occupants insurance and theft insurance.

Cleaning the vehicle, the rental includes washing the vehicle before delivery

1 hour courtesy in returning the car
If you do not choose the option of full insurance must pay a deposit.

You can place your deposit with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard), it will be returned at the end of the rental period. The card must be in the name of the person listed as the main driver of the rental agreement.
Each category has a security vehicle and scooters for the deposit is 150 €, for small cars the deposit is 300 €, 400 € medium and high-end 600 €
Loss key: 70€

Loss of key with remote control: 180€

Loss helmet or anttheft (motorcycles): 50€

Delivery of fuel: fuel delivered Collection +18 € penalty
You can contact us 24 hours a day on the phone 661 934 515 and we will try to solve your problem over the telephone or in person.
In case of accident it shall take the following measures:

Get full details of persons who have been involved in the accident, as well as potential witnesses, sketch of the accident and other vehicle data (enrollment, model, insurance company, policy number whenever possible, etc).

Auto Rent Marbella communicate to all data of the previous paragraph

Take appropriate measures to protect the vehicle.

Immediately notify the authorities if the guilt of the other party should be investigated or if there are wounded (toll free 112)

If returned by the customer the vehicle date, time or other than that specified in the contract, the rental of an extra to the current daily rate day for each day or portion of each day of delay will be charged delivery vehicle .
The tenant agrees not to let drive the vehicle to others unless expressly authorized, provided that such persons are over 21 years and are in possession of a driving license for a minimum period of two years
El tenant may not assign or sell the vehicle, equipment or tools. Any violation of this standard will result in immediate removal of the vehicle, loss of rights and loss of rental deposit if any
The tenant may not use the vehicle for towing or pushing another vehicle or object, participate in competitions, it is used under the influence of alcohol or drugs, freight, public transport of persons or carry more than the vehicle itself permitting
The lessee shall be liable for traffic fines during the rental period, as well as expenses resulting from traffic violations. The lessee shall be liable for accidents for traffic violations, and the cost of the stoppage of the vehicle, the daily price of the tariff in force
The fuel is borne by the tenant must return the vehicle with the same level of fuel received, otherwise we will charge the missing fuel and a charge for the transfer of personnel to the gas station at a cost of 18 € if this necessary
This contract shall be construed according to current Spanish law and any question shall be submitted to the courts of Marbella
The insurance does not cover drivers without valid driving license.

The insurance does not cover tenants who have supplied inaccurate information concerning the identity, address or validity of driving license
Damage insurance in any case does not include damage to tires, rims, hubcaps, punctures, blowouts, inside the vehicle, mirrors interior and exterior mirrors, glass, locks, underbody, clutch, engine crankcase catalyst and radiator. Nor does it include the cost per battery charge loss of key, trailer crane cab to travel after the accident, error in the type of fuel refueled, nor for the days of stoppage of the vehicle to repair amount.
The insurance does not cover theft or loss of personal property amenities inside the vehicle
In case of any accident, the tenant must always contact Auto Rent Marbella or traffic police and note in his statement the circumstances, place, date and time of the incident.

In case of accident due to negligence of the tenant towing costs they are on your own